What Others Are Saying

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“I have been going to The Health Centre for a few years now, first when it was in Moksha Yoga Hamilton, and now in Dundas, in this beautiful, peaceful space. First off, it’s such a welcoming clinic – smiles galore! The staff are very professional and skilled. Top notch! A big thumbs up!”

Diane R

“beautiful, peaceful space”

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“I love the disarming spa-like atmosphere and welcoming staff! These are clear indicators that one has arrived at The Health Centre Integrative Therapies where one’s wellness is the focal point.

Dr. Nicole and her staff methodically assess your needs with you as the partner in treatment. It is a great feeling to be at the centre of your own health and well being, all the while being supported by the variety of therapies available.”

Alexandra M

“Where one’s wellness is the focal point”

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“I have been treated by the majority of the staff at The Health Centre Integrative Therapies. I honestly cannot say enough great things about these professional individuals! The welcoming nature of the clinic, the professionalism displayed at each visit and the helpful treatment are all a part of the excellent quality of care and service provided. Whether you require some relaxation, a spinal adjustment or some muscle TLC this team will take care of you! I have, and will continue to, recommend their services to my friends and family. Thanks team!”

Brianna K

“Excellent quality of care and service provided”

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“I am 56 years old. I was born with severe scoliosis and partially because of that I developed years of back pain, which interfered with my sleep and work. When I met Dr. Nicole Wilson for the first time, I felt like I knew her for a very long time. This is because she is friendly, sensitive and very easy to talk to. As a therapist Dr. Nicole surprised me with a quick diagnosis of my back problem, which I have
had for three years prior to my first visit in her office. Then she started very efficient treatment
consisting of: acupuncture, massage and adjustments and my condition improved instantly. In addition
to the treatment in the office, I was instructed about exercises that I could do myself to speed up the
therapy. Today I can work in the garden, fix things in the house, canoe around Northern Ontario and
stay at the job sitting for 7 1/2 hours every day. I am lucky man because I met Dr. Nicole and her team.”

Artur F

“I am lucky man because I met Dr. Nicole and her team”

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“Since starting to come to The Health Centre about a year and a half ago, I have noticed innumerable physiological changes in my body that, at the time when I started seeing Dr. Nicole and the rest of the gang, I wouldn’t have dreamed were possible! Thanks to the HC, I am no longer resigned to the notion that back pain, lack of mobility, lack of flexibility, and poor posture, are just things I have to deal with as a result of the structure of my body; rather, I’m of the mind now that with patience, dedication, and a humble approach, subtle changes to my lifestyle can be initiated on a daily basis to make these problems pretty much go away in the long run. As a result, I’m happy to say that even though I like to call Dr. Nicole a magician, hers and her team’s approach involves no wizardry! It involves taking a holistic approach to personal health, one that incorporates and suggests various forms of maintenance and exercise in between visits, the result of which is that (a little bit to my chagrin, because they’re such great people!) I don’t have to visit as often! So for me, visiting the HC is a no-brainer, because it’s a win-win.”

Matt C

“a holistic approach to personal health, one that incorporates and suggests various forms of maintenance and exercise in between visits”